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  1. The cultural origins of cards?!?
  2. What's the funniest move your opponent did.
  3. Does anyone know
  4. What is one Japanese Yugioh Card you want to see become an English Card?
  5. The Reason Why There Is No Originality In Decks
  6. have u ever been stolen??
  7. Test: What Is Your Deck Type?
  8. duel disk/what would happen if it came true
  9. OCG Malaysian Duelists!
  10. The power of Censorship. Your opinions and thoughts.
  11. If you could have any monster as a pet wich would it be?
  12. Weirdest things seen at a Tourny. Come and post some of yours.
  13. Konami games cards
  14. come her if u know about card of scanity
  15. Some Info on the new sets comming out!
  16. whats up with UDE´s new certifications?????
  17. Kids not wanting to send first in Trades
  18. Structure Deck
  19. Misprints!
  21. New duelist. Where to start
  22. Gen Con So Cal?
  23. What are your Tag Team Dueling Rules?
  24. The new structure deck's promos: revealed!
  25. OCG JUMP j - BOOKS(Help!)
  26. OCG Beginner Edition 2 Card List
  27. Looking for card scans to make an online game
  28. Please release your emotions on the Card Shop that you hate or you think is cool
  29. OCG The New Structures
  30. Your View(s) on the Accomplishments of Yu-Gi-Oh!
  31. rise of destiny se boxes
  32. Monster Type Characteristics
  33. Need Db2 Spoiler!!!
  34. I will NERVER play traditional again.
  35. Dark Beginning Rares Ratio
  36. Depressed Duelist
  37. YuGiOh: The Movie Mail-In Promos???
  38. Which Should I buy for trading Power?
  39. About How Many Tornament 4 Packs should i buy to get a Royal Decree
  40. Structure deck new pictures!
  41. New Structure Deck
  42. My thesis on Ban Theory/Metagame Futures
  43. Bandai Card Game.
  44. To Box Or Not To Box That Is The Question
  45. OCG Scorched earth Box
  46. SOD or RDS?
  47. I Know This Sounds REALLY n00bish But. . .
  48. where's yugioh online??
  49. monster reborn
  50. I have not been able to play for weeks
  51. OCG Premium Pack 8 Q
  52. Will Upperdeck be banning sets like Wizards does with Magic?
  53. I havent played/touched YGO in about 8 months..What have I missed?
  54. judge's board
  55. i need regionals location help
  56. Online game
  57. Two lists on forbidden/ Limited cards?
  58. Your parents and Yugioh !
  59. what s that one card...
  60. Sanctioned Tournaments
  61. Dark Beginnings
  62. What is this card ????????
  63. Tournament pack 5
  64. About the art of "Return from the different dimension"
  65. Checklists
  66. Just something I noticed...
  67. Shonen Jump Ripp!!
  68. Special Summon
  69. ude registration
  70. The Future
  71. Does anyone know when???
  72. Idea for Chaos
  73. Good topdecks
  74. Yu-Gi-Oh Shoen Jump Championship ~ Cyber - Stein ~ Tournament Schedule List?
  75. OCG booster series trans, ocg ID's
  76. When will Toon Gemini be out???
  77. question on membership of ude
  78. ~2004~
  79. Comparing VS and YUGIOH
  80. weird summonings
  81. Magicians Valkyria
  82. Braggers?
  83. How was your Yu-Gi-Oh year of 2004
  84. Any details on the next set after flaming eternity?
  85. nobleman of extermination/crossout
  86. Question about Sasuke Samurai
  87. Yu-gi-oh in 2005
  88. pcy cards
  89. Samurai Deck
  90. yugioh online
  91. Boosters to buy...
  92. super short print
  93. want the spoiler for flaming eternity>???come here!!!!
  94. it feels like no body in my are uses the ban lsit
  95. Dose anyone know where u can get the installer for yugioh online???
  96. power of chaos limited edition
  97. Helpful booster sets
  98. Exodia common limbs value
  99. Question
  100. Toons
  101. Place to play
  102. New to game
  103. Dose any one know when the next ban list comes?
  104. OCG yugioh movie ***I just possted from a 7 month vacation***
  105. The Next Big Thing: Wizard World!
  106. How Do YOU Protect Your Cards?!?
  107. Toon Gemini Elf?
  108. GearFried the Blade Master
  109. OCG Future Demons/Archfiends
  110. Quick Question
  111. My Feedback Thread
  112. Which monster has the most ridiculous summoning requirement?
  113. What do you duel for?
  114. Unorthadox Decks
  115. Elf Cards?
  116. OCG and TCG question
  117. Love Affair with cookie cutter decks
  118. The urge to Cheat and why people do it
  119. need help w/ son's collection
  120. OCG Breaker
  121. What if...
  122. OCG Duel Monster International 2 Game Guide Book, Silence Swordman LV7 "Secret Rare"
  123. What card is this?
  124. Fake Yugi Cards
  125. Monarch Monsters
  126. Are you looking for a place to play in Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids Area
  127. Psychology for Regionals
  128. Cash Prizes?
  129. OCG Alot of Newbie Questions that i need answered
  130. What Monster would you add in the Dragon structure?
  131. There's a Pretty bad beast in the next Set....
  132. Um......the Fusion Subs in the nect set.....
  133. yugioh tablet monster figures?
  134. I need your Help
  135. What is coming out next?
  136. Some interesting questions inside!!!! MUST SEE!!!!
  137. basic game questions
  138. How should I return...(please read)
  139. token deck ideas
  140. How would you modify the Dragon deck?
  141. Funniest Gameplay Ever
  142. The yugioh Online Game
  143. Misprints on Mask of Darkness!!
  144. OCG Dinosaur cards
  145. New Structure Decks!
  146. Staples
  147. YVD Online Battling
  148. OCG Question on cards
  149. What does EN stand for on these cards ?
  150. Dates for the next few sets
  151. Cover Fire Ultra rare foil
  152. Labyrinth Wall. Strange?
  153. OCG Cyber Revolution booster set.
  154. Gaia the combustable collective
  155. Funny Things In Yu-Gi-Oh
  156. Add Spear D's to Dragon Struc...
  157. Does anyone know where to find ......
  158. Video Game Promos: For or Against?
  159. Dark Beginnings I English/Japanese
  160. OCG Any other season 1 cards abandoned in season 2?
  161. I'm lost...
  162. What could you get for a Luminous Soldier?
  163. New Online Yugioh Game!
  164. priority=confusion
  165. the Monarchs
  166. Mailing Options
  167. Shonen Jump Collector Cards
  168. ?question?
  169. OCG Is "Foolish Burial" restricted at all?
  170. Any1 have an updated list of forbidden and limited cards?
  171. Possible new Yu-Gi-Lingo
  172. What makes Realms the spot for you?
  173. Date
  174. Tips for people returning to YGO
  175. Card list for packs in Yugioh OnLine Game
  176. Rankings?
  177. A card shop owner, set me up! (don't buy from here)
  178. Card Search (Dark Paladin)
  179. How do i get Yugioh ONline???
  180. Need Help (Question on god cards..real or fake)
  181. Where can i find an online price guide
  182. OCG Hi: do you have the spoiler list for the new english structure decks?
  183. creator
  184. Thank God for DB1!
  185. which do u prefer magic or YGO?
  186. rankings????????????????
  187. goblin fan
  188. ok guys, i know....
  189. Partners tournament rules?
  190. Toys R Us
  191. OCG what happens when...
  192. how many can u have
  193. Who has yugioh online?
  194. help looking for these
  195. Create-a-Card
  196. WOW! The Card Shop Owner Thread
  197. xXx What is your most.......... xXx
  198. do you no wat sucks this sucks check it out
  199. I need some help....
  200. Bullpen the hobby shop w/ the crazy owner
  201. OCG Female Monsters
  202. OCG its almost time fellas!!!
  203. Come on, you guys saw this coming a mile away!
  204. OCG Time to break Free!!
  205. Anybody figured out the ranking sys for Yugioh-online?
  206. Flaming Eternity
  207. The King Fairy
  208. Text for Silent Swordsman LV5
  209. i cant log into chat!?!?!?!?
  210. Genesis Zombie Or Red Eyes Darkness Dragon?
  211. Silent Magicians
  212. Testin ur card knoledge, i need sum help
  213. Is the Creator a multi trigger?????
  214. duelist revolution
  215. Raigeki, Harpie, Imperial etc. will they become legal again in advance play
  216. Obbsesed!!!!!!!
  217. Vampire Genesis
  218. +++dl6-en001+++
  219. Secret / Ultimet Rares for DB1?
  220. Tips for a Semi-Newbie
  221. Magical Thorns hype?
  222. Other Structure Deck Cards?
  223. I still cant put my deck or h/w list in my sig!!!!!!!
  224. YugiOh! American Structure Decks are out!
  225. mokey mokey ftk??????
  226. Date of Nationals
  227. Can anyone.....
  228. Yu-Gi-Oh! A mind-Game?
  229. exclusive playmat
  230. "Fatal Roll of the Dice"- Mother blames YGO for tragedy
  231. Yugioh online...i konw i need other help cause no 1's posting on the other therads!
  232. Death reversal???
  233. ???help pleASE
  234. Cyber harpie
  235. sorry another ?
  236. THE LOST MILLENNIUM spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!
  237. OCG The Lost Millennium News
  238. OCG Next Restriction List
  239. YGO The Movie DVD Promo?
  240. SDX-001 Promo
  241. The new decks a good or bad?
  242. Has anyone else received their mail in cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! the movie
  243. Everyone heard? The new structures are out!
  244. Superhero Kaibaman???
  245. warriors' demise
  246. Dose anyone know the promos of this game: Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory
  247. Q's about reginals
  248. FET draft questions
  249. ?
  250. In Search of an Expert