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  1. Nov. "Green White REd" tourney question re: LOW WALLS
  2. Nov. "Davion Ghosts" tourney Question re: Artillery
  3. front arc rear arc? please help
  4. damage calculation
  5. special effects for factions
  6. DI towed AA artilery question about it
  7. Damage counter and special effects
  8. Passengers and VCs
  9. Bypass + Transports with units.
  10. Bypass Question.
  11. Heat Click Help....
  12. Special Equipment question
  13. VTOL consideration
  14. Artillery Question
  15. 2 Identical Uniques in the same army?
  16. question
  17. j-37 and artillary queston?
  18. Davion Ghosts Q re. VTOLs
  19. Alternate rules system, for discussion
  20. Rule Question Improved Targeting?
  21. Grapple and Hover
  22. No rear arc....
  23. Question about IT and Charging
  24. Is a withdrawn unit an "eliminated unit"?
  25. Mile-High Battle and VTOLs
  26. Mines or Yours and terrain
  27. Asking for a Ruling = Legal Stalling?
  28. Question
  29. A few questions about RCFs
  30. evidence of initial ap interpretation o_0
  31. Captured and Shutdown/Need to break to fire?
  32. blocking LOS for arty?
  33. Alphastrike and shutdown/restart
  34. Arty drift Q
  35. SS Balac Shoot and Move
  36. Single Use Equipment + Supporting Fire
  37. single use heavy armor?
  38. Can a vehicle do a CC attack?
  39. Artillery / Token question
  40. Question re Mile High scenario
  41. 2" minimum range
  42. Beta version Mech Assault [Xbox], rules for MW:DA
  43. Question about charge and camoflouge
  44. Yet another artillery question
  45. Mile High Repair
  46. ? About speed for mile high
  47. Question about mile high battle
  48. Will Someone teach me how to play MW?
  49. Attacking
  50. need help on critical hit
  51. SU AP and Artillery
  52. Defensive Equipment Question?
  53. Charging Question
  54. single use SE
  55. use both your primary & secondary attack at once
  56. i got questions could i get answers?
  57. Order of Resolving Artillery
  58. fanaticism question
  59. New mech ability Idea (mech breakaway)
  60. Proposed Addendum to Heat Rules - Read & Discuss
  61. Dumb movement question
  62. Force manager software
  63. Discussion of Proposed Break away rule.
  64. Ruling from kelly on breakaway damage
  65. Heat dial rule idea
  66. Charge/Ram (min range) question
  67. New artillery rule clarification
  68. i got some terrain questions any help?
  69. Mines or your questions
  70. Discussion of new shake off rule #4
  71. Fix for Infantry (oh no, another one)
  72. Why Not Formation Moves for Mechs?
  73. Repairing and Shutdown
  74. Artillery and Blocking Terrain...
  75. Another idea in order to balance charge...
  76. Viki Drexel's Artillery
  77. Command
  78. bases
  79. Q's
  80. Can Salvaged Arty Fire?
  81. tank drop in reverse
  82. Liao DI Towed AA Arty Oddity
  83. So I says to Mavis.....
  84. Transport question
  85. Mines vs VTOLs
  86. Arty and abrupt elevated terrain
  87. VTOL Rules
  88. A question for Bewulf....
  89. Friendly Fire
  90. Camo question
  91. Shake-off Rule and why Liao players should vote for it
  92. ultimate tank drop?
  93. Rules + FAQ together
  94. Once and for all: are tanks in transports visible?
  95. Solaris 2.0 question
  96. Fix for Decoy
  97. What's the point of SU Heavy armor?
  98. My rule changes propositions
  99. Just out of curiousity.
  100. Green Spirit Cats Crimson Hawk
  101. Mechs in formation for Firing Orders....
  102. Reflective and repair SE questions
  103. Booster Draft
  104. Single Use SEs and Improved Targeting on Artillery
  105. Can I put a Eridani Light Horse Pure Army into Formations?
  106. Using 2 single use SEs
  107. Using that ruler for movement
  108. Can a unit with no attack value participate in a firing formation?
  109. Male or Female
  110. could someone explain to me transports for vtols??
  111. what about turning in charge and ram?
  112. hindering terrain and mechs
  113. unit of measure
  114. Close Combat and Min Ranges?
  115. Artillery and LOS
  116. close combat question
  117. i got questions vets please help!
  118. I fire, then hide...artillery question
  119. Movement Formation Question
  120. Move Orders
  121. Formation Movement question
  122. chopper rules are confuessing
  123. Question about DFA
  124. Faction Pure Booster Draft proposal - please critique
  125. An idea regarding Heavy and Hardened Armour
  126. Sprint Scout VTOLs and indirect fire
  127. Anti personnel versus Reactive, Hardened, and Heavy armor
  128. Possibly stupid question about VTOL's
  129. Meat Shield
  130. Question About VTOLs
  131. One time use gray armor.
  132. formations
  133. Rapid Strike
  134. Anti-Personel w/ indirect fire and point defense
  135. charge!!!!!!
  136. Another VTOL question re: basing a salvaged unit
  137. Ware can i DL the rules Online.
  138. Ballistic SE's on Artillary
  139. rear arc
  140. Terrain 'borrowing' by opponent w/ none?
  141. A Q for Bewulf.....
  142. Grapple question based on new rules
  143. VTOLs in the CA Marquee
  144. aartil new rules
  145. Something weird...
  146. Argh, any way to get erroneous products changed to right ones?
  147. heat effects
  148. Repairing
  149. Embarking/disembarking?
  150. CA Marquee Query
  151. Agility and Shutdown
  152. VOTE: does df really need artillery?
  153. Changes to go into effect Jan 1st...
  154. Artillerey question with new FAQ
  155. Doubt about Special Equipment
  156. Speed mode wheel infantry technically vehicles?
  157. Faction Breakdown Totals.
  158. Legal units
  159. Repair + Back Arc
  160. Need help on new arty POG rule
  161. Meat shields and Arty LOF
  162. Can Infintry W/ Speen Mode Hover Be In CloseCombat Formations?
  163. Charging rear arc...
  164. A towed unit being transported by any vehicle
  165. Little question...
  166. Multiple AnP targets get full damage?
  167. AnP and Arty
  168. shutdown
  169. Useless SE
  170. Repairing and order tokens
  171. VTOL an Streaks....
  172. Should cruising VTOL or high terrain mech get an attack +1 bonus?
  173. Question for a BM about: Water terrain?
  174. Charge!!!
  175. disembarkment
  176. multiple targets with 1 pt damage in slot
  177. CC attack for Reparing Vehicles
  178. Newbie Question : Avoid Shutdown
  179. Question for BM: Decoy SE
  180. First Turn Immunity Gone?
  181. Does Armor, Camo, Or Invade Work On A Charge Or Ram?
  182. What is that thing above the mech dial?
  183. hey can anybody please give me some pointers and hints......
  184. Out to Pasture SE Question
  185. Killing infantry while breaking away (now infantry can be damaged by Salvaged mechs)
  186. Artillery AP - When do I have to turn it off?
  187. Artillery formations
  188. Hand to hand weapon question
  189. Can Jump Infantry debark in flight VTOLS
  190. January Storyline #1: Out to Pasture
  191. Streak missile SE damage question
  192. First Turn Immunity - Gone or Not?
  193. Infantry based to a vehicle
  194. Merc Balac
  195. New rules for CA?
  196. charge evade question
  197. Multiple-target H2H weapon
  198. HtH and TSM
  199. New FAQ dtd Jan is out
  200. chargemonkey reined in?
  201. bounty hunter's heat dial?????
  202. Can I use CA in Out to Pasture?
  203. charging with salvaged units
  204. Counter Assault Legal?
  205. Optional Single Use Equipment
  206. VTOLS and Line of Sight Blocking
  207. Aw?
  208. first strike possibility. legal?
  209. Blow the Sticks Down Question....
  210. Artillery Attacks Cant Use Ap
  211. what the????
  212. Quick Liao Faction Question
  213. Artillery & Armor Peircing
  214. February Campaigns
  215. Can artillery do 0 damage?
  216. Marquee Question
  217. Does Ruthlessness work with artillery?
  218. Infantry and Reflective Armor ???
  219. Can a captured unit be freed by the capturer?
  220. transport units kept in jacket pocket
  221. Please define an action for me
  222. Free spins?
  223. Question about vehicles firing while based.
  224. New Charge Rules v Agility
  225. Question about the DF Crow.
  226. Units Affected by Artillery
  227. Are you allowed to ...
  228. Point Defence Question
  229. Multi-target Artillery Clarification
  230. Capturing Question
  231. Special Marquee Rules clarification
  232. Anti-personnel & Indirect fire
  233. House Liao Ability?
  234. Just want to know.
  235. When does artillery take damage from/have to the declare using SUs?
  236. Legel terrain?
  237. Another arty fix...
  238. Questions about the Bounty Hunter and arty.
  239. DI Towed Arty and basing
  240. Single use Heavy Armor
  241. VTOLS at NOE in formation?
  242. Multiple targets
  243. How to interpret the Bounty Hunters' heat dial?
  244. Streak Vs Camo
  245. Vtols
  246. Jumpjet break away run question
  247. Two questions about the dropship
  248. A question on the kodiak.
  249. Artillery pog question
  250. Counter Assault legal for campaigns?