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  1. Anyone still play Wildstorms?
  2. Marvel Ultimate Fantastic Four (Spoilers) Thread
  3. DC Green Arrow
  4. Ghostbusters: The Comic
  5. Marvel Balance of power
  6. Marvel Any Surfer fans out there??
  7. Marvel The future of comics is trades.
  8. DC Teen Titans Go!
  9. Marvel Anyone read JLA/Avengers crossover? (possible spoilers)
  10. BPRD:Plague of Frogs
  11. Evil Dead.
  12. DC Disappointed w/ Superman/Batman #10
  13. Marvel Joss Whedon?
  14. "WANTED", Have You Read It?
  15. DC Identity Crisis
  16. Marvel New Gambit Book!
  17. Marvel identity disk
  18. DC Recommended reading?
  19. Marvel A question for you Skrull experts out there.
  20. Marvel Avengers #500 (spoilers)
  21. Marvel Present Spiderman Thread
  22. Marvel Ultimates, how do you feel about them?
  23. DC Robin the ______ wonder
  24. Marvel How many titles do you collect and what are they?
  25. Marvel Comic related items...do you collect and what do you have?
  26. Marvel release dates
  27. Marvel man-thing, marvel horror/occult
  28. Marvel Spider-Girl
  29. Marvel Where are they now? In need of Comic Gurus!
  30. Marvel Bendis Daredevil
  31. DC UDE Hobby League concern
  32. Marvel Place your BETS! Witch Avenger will die in #502?
  33. Marvel Too many different versions!
  34. DC looking for monthly titles to collect: whats good?
  35. DC Why!!!!
  36. DC Who's your favorite DC Hero/Villian?
  37. Marvel I knew he could never truly die!
  38. Marvel Changing the rules
  39. DC Last Son of Krypton Indeed!
  40. DC Robin
  41. Marvel Spider woman
  42. Marvel Sins Past
  43. DC Teen Titans Question
  44. Marvel X-Men / Uncanny X-Men Readers
  45. DC Super Girl
  46. Marvel What if...Legion had succeded, in killing Magneto!
  47. Marvel Deadpool/Cable
  48. DC What exactlly is the deal with the General Zod, in current DC continuity?
  49. DC The Flash?
  50. Marvel Wolverine comic Spolier alert
  51. DC Jason Todd; Where is he?
  52. DarkHorse Comics Rox!
  53. DC Identity Crisis leftovers/Teen Titans and Adventures of Superman
  54. DC Next Teen Titans TPB?
  55. Marvel this child called Valeria....
  56. DC Who is the sexiest DC Chick?
  57. Marvel CosmicSpiderman= Josh
  58. DC Red Hood
  59. Marvel Scarlet Witch powers?
  60. Marvel Ciuld you guys help me with AoA
  61. Marvel Best Spider-Man Series?
  62. DC Wolverine VS. The World...
  63. DC Aids in the DCU
  64. Marvel bummed out
  65. DC Who is marvels hottest chic?
  66. Marvel Calling any and all that know somethingg about The F4
  67. DC DC Countdown to Infinite Crisis *Spoilers*
  68. DC Lazarus Pit's?
  69. Marvel Carrion
  70. DC Seven Soldiers?
  71. Marvel Exiles
  72. Marvel The New Avengers!
  73. DC Batman
  74. Marvel Looking for some advice...
  75. DC Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns: Bats being helped by Green Lantern?
  76. Marvel Please help me
  77. DC Please help
  78. So, what Indy comics do you read?
  79. DC Infinite Crisis.
  80. DC Jeph Loeb Interview
  81. Marvel What comics you reading?
  82. DC Green Lantern #1
  83. Dracula Vs King Arthur
  84. DC Ra's Al Ghul's Immortality
  85. DC Tower of Babel
  86. Marvel my fight: Onslaught vs Mephisto
  87. DC True/False: Superman
  88. DC Infinite Crisis...I think?
  89. What do you use to keep track of your collection?
  90. DC What do you use to keep track of your collection?
  91. Marvel Marvel Flash Cartoons
  92. DC Can someone catch me up?
  93. Marvel Wolverine finally finds his perfect team.
  94. Marvel I love Wolverine Club, Recruting
  95. Marvel "I hate Cyclops Club".
  96. Marvel Marvel 1602:The New World, First Impressions
  97. DC Vertigo Titles
  98. Marvel The Squadron's JLA counterparts
  99. Marvel Ultimate X-Men
  100. DC 1st appearance in comics
  101. Marvel House of M
  102. Marvel Every thing you know about the Sentry is a lie!!(massive New Avengers Spoilers)
  103. DC The Most Popular Sidekick: Robin
  104. DC The Crisis Is comming...
  105. DC Green Lantern - Recharge
  106. Marvel Spiderman 3 Villians
  107. DC Comic advice for a newb to comics
  108. DC OMAC Project Ending
  109. DC Strenth vs Skills
  110. Marvel Legacy set. They did it before, they can do it again!
  111. Marvel Justice League Unlimited:Amazo question.
  112. Marvel Any one read twistedtoyfare
  113. DC The Crisis is Here !
  114. DC Crisis Compendeum
  115. Marvel Galactus Has a Stupid Hat
  116. DC The Real Reason No One Tells Blue Beetle Anything
  117. DC Jla #120-121
  118. DC Batman's origin vs. Batman Begins
  119. DC The Shadowpact!
  120. DC 15th Anniversary of Arkham
  121. DC Batman is unbeatable with time to prepare
  122. Marvel Exiles; Where are they now?
  123. Marvel Decimation or the morning after
  124. Marvel Captain Unvirese?!
  125. DC Superman Prime?!
  126. Marvel Evilbaby's Fabulous Marvel Trivia Bonanza!!
  127. DC Superman Returns
  128. Marvel Wolverine Question!
  129. DC JLI Trades?
  130. Marvel Ronin
  131. Marvel MODOK VS card to appear in GLX-Mas Special?
  132. Marvel The new X-men are here!!!
  133. Marvel Xmen 3 movie trailer is out
  134. Marvel Anyone reading The Other? (Spiderman Crossover)
  135. DC A Real Vs.!
  136. Marvel Which is the spider-man?
  137. Marvel A Real Vs.!
  138. Marvel what comics are you currently reading?
  139. DC Spoil Crisis For Me (SPOILERS)
  140. Marvel Spoiler some books for me (SPOILERS)
  141. Marvel I need a new Sig for 06.
  142. Marvel Ghost Rider the movie
  143. DC A question about V for Vendetta...
  144. DC Few auestions about superman
  145. DC Superman of Earth 2
  146. Marvel Spidys new costume
  147. DC This is... A CRISIS !!
  148. Marvel Universe, Earth and Paradise X questions
  149. Marvel Earth X purchase help
  150. Marvel VS. Seen in Great Lakes Avengers!!
  151. Marvel Ultimates 2 #10, or How a lil of me just died.
  152. Marvel Iron Man: The Movie
  153. Marvel Wolverine and the Winter Soldier
  154. DC One year later
  155. Marvel Captain America Movie
  156. DC Justice League Unlimited Cartoon
  157. Marvel More Spider-man 3 details revealed!!
  158. Marvel Ultimate Avengers
  159. Marvel Civil War
  160. Marvel Zombies!!!
  161. Marvel best spiderman stories
  162. Marvel the problem with angel!
  163. Marvel Have you seen Man-Thing!
  164. Marvel How many X-Men movies?!
  165. Marvel Apocalypse mutant abilities?
  166. Marvel Black Tarantula?
  167. DC Alan Moore snubbed by DC? Are really suprised?
  168. DC Villains United
  169. DC Crisis Essentials
  170. Marvel Ghost Rider
  171. Marvel Illuminati sets the stage!(spoilers)
  172. DC Action Comics OYL!! (spoilers)
  173. DC Green Lantern - One Year Later
  174. DC New Blue Beetle
  175. DC Uncle Sam!
  176. DC Crisis 6: Unlimited Spoilers
  177. DC New Titans!?
  178. Marvel The New Avengers
  179. DC Ther goes my Batzarro card
  180. DC What's that new issue?
  181. Marvel Sentinels in X3?!
  182. DC A new Atom...*sigh*
  183. Marvel What's the infinity watch?
  184. DC Green Arrow 1 Year Later, #61
  185. DC Crisis Spoilers! (Card and comic spoilers)
  186. DC Did Batman pull the trigger?
  187. DC Crisis Conclusion
  188. Marvel Civil War begins
  189. DC Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
  190. Marvel Confirmed fights for X3
  191. Marvel Annihalation - Silver Surfer
  192. Marvel civil war! what do u think?
  193. DC 52 Week One (spoilers!!)
  194. DC All Star Bats saved?
  195. DC Batzarro resurrected in Superman/Batman #25!
  196. Marvel Comics...why are they becoming the suck?
  197. Marvel Looking to get in to comics for the first time, need some adivce
  198. Marvel X-men 3
  199. Marvel Spiderman 3
  200. Marvel What happened with Galactus?
  201. DC WildCats Relaunch!!!
  202. Marvel Great Day to be a Spidey Fan
  203. DC Superman Returns... with a yawn.
  204. Marvel Blade TV Series is Out
  205. DC Top 10 Superman Stories
  206. DC Anyone check out Brave New World?
  207. Marvel X-Men Comics
  208. Pirates 2: Hot Voodoo Chick Alert.
  209. DC Green Lantern & Green Lantern Corps
  210. DC The Flash!, a.k.a. Bart Allen Rules
  211. Marvel The return of Clones....sigh
  212. DC The Batman
  213. DC Joker's actor confirmed?
  214. Marvel First picture of "Venom" for Spider-man 3
  215. DC 52 Week 12 repeated line?
  216. DC How far ahead of continuity was DCR?
  217. Marvel Thunderbolt Comics
  218. DC BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT....and not the seven drop!!
  219. DC Batman sequel title and Joker revealed
  220. DC The Outsiders
  221. DC You've got to be kidding me: GL Movie 1st script review
  222. DC Something to look forward to in Richard Donner's Superman Run
  223. DC Killer Frost question
  224. Marvel Marvel's Media prospects
  225. DC 52 Week #15 (Spoilers) - OMG why? WHY?
  226. DC All Things Green Lantern
  227. DC DC Comics Animated Features - The Judas Contract
  228. DC Trials of Shazam
  229. DC Should DC have a recap page?
  230. DC Return of the Suicide Squad!
  231. Marvel Blade: The series
  232. Marvel The Dark Tower
  233. DC 52 Week Eighteen (spoilers)
  234. Marvel Robert Downy Jr. is Iron Man
  235. DC DC Batman Comics
  236. DC What's the point of 52?
  237. DC Judd Winick Interview
  238. Marvel The Siege of Avengers Mansion
  239. Marvel Whos better & Who would win?
  240. DC Tell me about Hypertime.
  241. DC Call the Exterminators!
  242. Marvel Civil War Thread
  243. DC Justice Society of America Discussion Thread
  244. DC "New" DC series
  245. DC The Powers Threw Me...
  246. DC Supergirl #12: Am I stupid or just slow?
  247. DC Who the F is supernova?
  248. Marvel Cw #6
  249. DC 52 for the week of Jan 10? <spoilers!!>
  250. DC World War III