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    by Published on 09-19-2013 04:55 PM

    Our Story

    Its now the ten year anniversary of Ophidian 2350, and we felt it was finally time to tell our story. The story of how high school friends from Queens, New York, had a dream to bring change to the game industry they loved.

    Till this day, only a handful of people know our story. But with Ophidian starting to return from its long slumber, we want those of you coming to our page--maybe returning after many years or maybe coming for the first time--to learn a little about what drove us to create Ophidian 2350.

    In the game Universe, the Ophidians are a mysterious and secretive race of aliens who run and control the Ophidian games. In the real world, you had three close friends who grew up playing role playing games and CCGs together, and many other amazing people who, just for the love of games, joined us and helped us make Ophidian what it was and is.