• Preview: Shyft Ravager

    Don't forget; Mage Knight Resurrection is a SwitchClix figure with HeroClix! Find out more about it's HeroClix counterpart here.
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    1. boneshard's Avatar
      boneshard -
      Now that's one tough shyft figure for 55 points! it's about time they shine.
    1. Sunbane's Avatar
      Sunbane -
      Not able to hold items, its a little expensive for a support dpser
    1. Xknight -
      How do we know he cant hold items?


      is he supposed to have a range? Why else give him plus 1 when making close combat attack?

      Charge and perry is nice and so is counter attack and vampirism (wish it it still had perry on those clix)
    1. Sunbane's Avatar
      Sunbane -
      We don't know that we can't hold items. It was just a guess. You're right it the attack bonus does not make sense if printed like that, my guess is that he is intended to have Darkmarch subfaction.

      He's not the worst figure, but he is not the centerpiece, hes expensive support, and only has 6 clicks. For 56 points you could get the Harka Prowler which would fill the same role better, with 10 clicks.