• Vs. System Questions Answered!

    Since Upper Deck announced that Vs. System would be returning at GenCon last year, there have been more questions than answers (in fact, up until this week ... a lot of us were wondering if it was all just a dream).

    Today; we have answers! Upper Deck has released the Vs. System 2PCG FAQ!

    Let's break down a couple of the items that hint at the differences between Legacy Vs. System, and the 2PCG:

    Q: What comes in the Vs. System 2PCG box?

    A: There will be 400 cards in the box, made up of the cards needed to build decks for four different “teams.” Four copies of each card are included in the box, except for “Main Characters,” for which you only need one copy (more on “Main Characters” a bit later on).
    The mention of a "Main Character" reflects a game more akin to the World of Warcraft TCG, HEX, and Hearthstone ... all of which have roots in Upper Deck and the original Vs. System team. The fact that EVERYTHING needed is included in each box is amazing! I don't even things Fantasy Flight's LCG have that setup.

    Q: Can old Vs. System cards be used with Vs. System 2PCG?

    A: Old Vs. System cards are not permitted to be used in any official tournaments.
    This should have been obvious but it was worth noting regardless.

    Q: Will this be a MARVEL only game, or will there be other licenses too?

    A: While this first set is only based on the MARVEL universe, we look forward to incorporating Upper Deck’s other licenses in the future. Our goal is to truly put the “Vs.” in Vs. System 2PCG.
    Based on existing Upper Deck licenses ... maybe Aliens is next?

    Now, let's see the rulebook and some cards!!!