• Vs. System 2PCG: Changes & Rules Primer

    Welcome to the second part of Upper Deck’s Introduction to Vs. System 2PCG! Today we are going to be looking at some of the things that have changed in Vs. System 2PCG from the original Vs. System TCG. To describe those changes and to provide some insight into the design and development process, we’ve asked Vs. System 2PCG lead designer Danny Mandel to give you a brief walkthrough. Whether you’re a Vs. System veteran looking to return to the game, someone who always wanted to get into Vs. System but felt intimidated or excluded, or maybe even someone who’s never heard of Vs. System and wants to know more about it, this article should serve as a decent primer for how Vs. System 2PCG will play. The battles start soon, so get ready – Vs. System 2PCG launches this summer at Gen Con 2015!