• [D2P2] Draw 2 Play 2: An Introduction

    I have been playing MTG since The Dark and I would like to share my favorite multiplayer format with everyone. Me and my playgroup have a LOT of decks (I have about 25) and when we get together we like to be able to play more games in one night then typical play groups. We have found drawing two cards per turn and being able to play two lands per turn speed up our games fast enough that we usually are able to get a few more in per session (and also lets us skip past most of those crummy 1 drops!). Now I know Commander is the thing right now but I like to play 4 copies of my cards and if you do as well then keep reading!

    There are some cards that gain a ton of value with the D2P2 rules and I suggest keeping these cards in mind when you build your decks:

    -Cards with Landfall go from being generally solid to being absolutely AMAZING when you play 2 lands per turn (turn 2 Primeval Titan's are really fun).

    -The Ravnica Karoo's are really amazing allowing you to run less lands total and potentially not setting you back any tempo further into the game (assuming it's your only land in hand).

    -Undiscovered Paradise is a very strong mana fixer when it's less likely to set your mana development back.

    Now I would like to share a decklist I really enjoy playing and has won me several games. In future articles I will do a breakdown of the deck and why I chose the cards I did but this is my fairly straightforward smash face deck (for those times when you have a losing streak and need to get that quick win to turn it around);

    1 Kangee, Aerie Keeper
    4 Soulcatcher
    4 Pride of the Clouds
    4 Squadron Hawk
    4 Keeper of the Nine Gales
    4 Aven Brigadier
    4 Battle Screech
    4 Flurry of Wings
    4 Soulcatchers' Aerie
    3 Keep Watch
    3 Cunning Wish
    1 Undiscovered Paradise
    4 Windbrisk Heights
    4 Savannah
    4 Tundra
    4 Tropical Island
    4 Azorius Chancery

    Honestly the mana is a little sketchy but I tend to play my decks a little short to work in some more tools. Honestly you could cut the Flurry of Wings if you feel you need a better mana base then add another Keep Watch, Cunning Wish and a couple more lands.