There is absolutely no obvious indication these items could be though, but they will be introduced through the third week of this event marathon, beginning on Tuesday, 15 May 2018. Other takeaways include "Bigger, Better BAM" searches that Tera Gold will take place during precisely the exact same time period as the mystery item introduction.

Matt Denomme, the Senior Product Manager, noted that there are "no signs of stopping" even though the past few months have been busy because of releasing the Tera match on consoles as well as launching a major update for PC, called Godsfall. In addition, he declared "plenty more exciting things" for TERA for the rest of 2018 and later on, and it is a polite method of saying "we do not plan on abandoning the Tera game yet".

En Masse workers are also actively drifting the Tera game's world and locating them in their journeys will award Tera Players a scarf. While locating the employees will be rewarded for the most of the month, there are particular days this event won't be active. You can consult this event schedule for more info. In order to get a scarf, Tera Players will want to ask the employees to spawn one in their inventory. The scarf will be a limited period item, so this might be the only opportunity to get it.

There are, however, events that will also be hosted out of the Tera game during the anniversary month. This includes screenshot and the above loading display artwork competitions.

TERA brings true action combat to a top fantasy MMORPG setting. Tera Players explore a vast world where their combat skills are put to the test against deadly Big ### Monsters (BAMs). They will need to consciously dodge out of the way of incoming attacks, study enemy attack routines, and execute precise ability combos to down them! You will have complete control over the strikes and the fate of your enemy. No more "pointing and clicking" and playing battle relay with the enemies. Furthermore, not only do you control the action, TERA can also be set in a world where the Tera Players will dictate the flow of the economy and separately affect the community environment.

Back in TERA, ps4 tera gold Players master their destiny in a richly detailed Tera game universe using a pioneering dynamic battle system. Individual Tera Player actions can transform the balance of power in a world where old rivalries are erased, and disparate races must form a frequent federation to stave off destruction by marauding creatures and warrior gods.