It has been a joke within the community that the GMs who run this match have no clue what is actually happening or give false information due to not understanding exactly what they're really performing, but in all honesty, that is an issue that Maplestory Mesos has to be fixed as soon as possible. Because of this lack of information, when a new public hacking trainer is launch and a surge of gamers begin botting and macroing and FMAing, absolutely nothing has been done for them for a lengthy time. This causes irreparable damage to the servers they affect, while most of it could be averted if two things were to change:Teach GMs about the game and the neighborhood, and change the EXTREMELY lenient prohibit rules to make sure hackers are appropriately punished for breaking ToS.

Let us begin the first of those 2 points with a story I've of a recent encounter with online GMs. This really happened throughout the Star Planet GM meetup, where GMs would play games with players on each server and just generally have a fantastic time. To hit a conversation, I started talking about Kraane and Daxi, the very first level 250 gamers on Reboot who was able to get there at an insane quantity of time - about three months following the release of the host. And to my absolute dismay, the GM which was supposed to take good care of our host said "I've absolutely no idea who those people are".

This tells me something tremendously important right from the top - GMs have never once looked in the servers' positions for the servers they're delivered to look at. By proxy, this means that they don't have any idea how to inspect the Dojo ranking boards in sport, or how to confirm the Tower of Oz ranking boards. Any participant who goes on any server is easily able to tell which Maplestory items players are hackers and which ones are not by glancing over the positions on these boards... because there's no way in hell that the 'best' courses in the game are Blaze Wizards and Kinesis and they can clear Dojo quicker than the most powerful player in all of GMS can. That is legitimately impossible, but GMs would never know that.